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Rimon School of Music is a registered non-profit organization. Your support reaches our students by direct investment in their development and learning experience. Funds are allocated to:

  • Scholarships based on academic merit יום פתוח ברימון
    and financial need
  • Musical instruments
  • Curriculum and faculty development
  • Facilities improvements
  • Technology upgrades
  • Student stipends for on-and off-campus work and service

Rimon School of Music supporters proudly see the impact of their gift through the shining output of our brilliant students; each selected to attend Rimon School of Music based on their demonstrated abilities and potential for personal and professional success.
In the coming fiscal year, we invite you to partner with us on many exciting projects!

General/Infrastructure Support

Rimon School prides itself on providing the best possible professional environment to learn and create music. We seek ongoing capital support for infrastructure and facilities development. Your support helps us to improve and maintain our academic spaces and provide updated musical instruments, computer workstations, etc.

Educational Programs:
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+ Scholarships
 Rimon prides itself in attracting the best possible musical talent in its student body. We strive to increase scholarship offerings, which enable students to fully realize the dream of studying music, and to facilitate the financing of their studies.סקסופון סימסטר אביב רימון

Rimon School of Music awards scholarships based on academic merit, community service, and economic need; providing an educational foundation that positions our students and alumni for professional success acting as stewards of community betterment.

+ Music Education For All
 Over the years, Israel’s school system dramatically reduced access to quality music education. This program fills a gap. The goal is to help create a leveled curriculum from kindergarten through elementary school, junior high, and high school to foster and strengthen required musical skills of students in the education system. Students learn the foundations of music plus the fabric of Israeli folk music, and gain a deep understanding of the text of renowned Israeli poets and lyricists.

זמרת שירה זמרות נוערThis program enhances music education in the school system while imparting the belief that music also changes the person positively, creates integration and dialogue, and helps students maximize their potential; particularly when music is introduced at a young age.

A central objective is to empower youth at risk. Endorsed by Israel’s Ministry of Education, Rimon School promotes professional and vocational training for music teachers and their students to help those students achieve academic success.

+ Outstanding Young Music Students
 This program focuses on identifying the best student musicians throughout Israel’s high school system and developing their skills. Our unique afternoon program create unique, original musical compositions and help to prepare them as future students at Rimon. This program currently teaches students in Jazz from ages 15-18 and aspires to expand and offer a Rock/Pop module.

ג'אז צעירים נוערThe ongoing partnership with area high schools involves a multi-stranded recruitment approach that
includes on-site workshops and master classes, direct recruitment, ensemble opportunities, and more.

We aim to increase the number and amount of scholarships we offer, to support these brilliant students as they continue their musical studies at Rimon.

+ Entrepreneurship Center/Music Technology Innovation
 Rimon is advancing plans for a state-of-the art center for entrepreneurship and innovation.

The center will encompass a multidisciplinary music technology lab and enhance partnerships with other דניאל סלומון רימון היחידה נוער מחשבים schools and entrepreneurs. The lab will cultivate innovation ecosystems by leveraging students’ diverse skills, cultural lenses, and perspectives In partnership with Berklee’s Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship (BerkleeICE), our vision is to develop Pomegranate Innovation Labs at both Rimon in Israel and Berklee (via BerkleeICE) in the United States.

This program will broaden our respective students’ entrepreneurial mindsets and career preparedness by creating environments that foster creativity, cross-discipline

In Tel Aviv, Rimon’s innovation lab will advance associations with leading universities, schools, and אלקטרוני דיגיטל ברק טכנולוגי מחשבים 3.jpgenterprises from Israel’s thriving startup community. Simultaneously, Berklee  will seek to expound upon existing BerkleeICE partnerships with MIT Engineering, Harvard Law School, and Brown University.

The exchange will enable technological gateways and provide Rimon projects with access to international mentorship and expert consult while prospecting contacts among key strategic partners within the global music industry. The lab at Rimon will focus on concepts that are creating value in multifaceted music technology fields.

+ Medicine and Music: Rimon and the Community
 This program strengthens unique populations of patients hospitalized with physical or mental illness or special needs and their loved ones, or families in the bereavement process. Rimon teams of faculty and students work in care institutions, facing different populations in various fields using ensembles, community performances, songwriting, and compositions around poetry written by bereaved families of IDF fallen soldiers.

+ Adopt a Program
 Rimon offers experiential learning through orchestras, ensembles, and production-based programming. We represent Israel abroad and showcase Israeli culture in the international arena.

The following programs seek ongoing support:סימפונט רעננה ירון גוטפריד הלחנה

Programs led by Yaron Gottfried, Musical Director of Rimon’s Composition, Arranging, and Conducting major, which builds connection between up and coming Rimon student composers and a variety of orchestras, ensembles, and music performance organizations in Israel.

Further expansion of performance opportunities in Israel and abroad for student members of the highly-acclaimed Rimon Jazz Institute, including connection of the program to Jazz festivals, international Jazz workshops, master classes, and more

Development of performance and internship programs for vocalists, songwriters, and student music producers. 

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