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Rimon’s Masa/Israel Experience program is a joint project of the Government of Israel and the Jewish Agency for Israel.

The program is more than just a typical study abroad program, but rather a life changing experience designed to enhance your music studies and deepen your connection with Israel. Participants are encouraged to see beyond the classrooms walls and join in the daily life and culture of Israel.

The program includes a year of academic study at Rimon, housing (for those interested), educational trips and seminars exploring Israel, learning Hebrew, health insurance, staff support, and more. . Students are also integrated into classes at Rimon, which are taught in Hebrew, and join ensembles with the Israeli students.

Activities include:

The program begins with a one-month orientation where participants study Hebrew intensively, take a preparatory theory course at Rimon School, provide volunteer services, and explore Israel in their spare time.

All educational programs areconducted in English, though the academic program at Rimon is taught in Hebrew. As a reminder, all participants will need to come with a Hebrew language foundation to fully comprehend Rimon’s curriculum.

The Program is also open to non-Masa eligible participants.

Rimon School of  Music is the oldest and largest independent professional music school for the advanced study of contemporary music. Over 600 students and more than 100 faculty members work in an environment designed to provide a comprehensive music learning experience.

Lautaro Feldman, Argentina, MASA student, 2008-9

Lautaro Feldman, Argentina, MASA student, 2008-9

At Rimon, “work” means playing and performing, while “study” means the development of one’s own musical voice, built on a solid foundation of music theory. The school offers students the learning opportunities and challenges they need to have in a career in the music industry today.

Rimon’s commitment to excellence in music education has been commended by Berklee College of Music in Boston. A special two-way articulation agreement between both institutions enables students to continue learning at Rimon for 2 years and graduate within 2 years at Berklee allowing students to save money while receiving a quality educational experience.

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