Brian Walker Visits Rimon

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    Brian Walker Visits Rimon
    April 5, 2022
    7PM Israel/5PM London/12PM New York/9AM Los Angeles

    With his breakout new hit Ring, Ring, performing songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Brian Walker will give insights into his multi-faceted approach to his music. Brian composes, arranges, produces, performs, and mixes all of his own music.  

    Brian studied Songwriting, Electronic Production and Design, and Music Production/Engineering at Berklee College of Music and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. He will share how he fuses all of these skills into his entrepreneurial career, discuss the process of his craft, and engage with ZOOM participants in a moderated Q&A.

    Co-Moderators: Darcie Nicole and Izhar Schjeter, Rimon International Program
    To RSVP: Darcie Nicole

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