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    From a world perspective the Rimon School stands tall for nearly thirty years as the only institution of its kind in the Mideast. Having been involved since the beginning, I can attest to the high level of teaching and commitment of providing students the necessary tools to make a life in modern music. A truly remarkable place.

    Dave Liebman
    World renowned jazz saxophone player and music educator


    “I had the honor and pleasure of being a visiting artist at the Rimon School in 2012 for one week. What I discovered was a vibrant and creative atmosphere where very talented studentsand motivated teachers collaborate with great enthusiasm and dedication to music and to each other. I sensed a heartfelt and healthy foundation to the energy there and I found myself inspired to have had that experience.”

    Kurt Rosenwinkel
    Word famous international jazz guitar player


    “I consider the Rimon School of Jazz to be one of the best in the world. My week there was a revelation. Students and staff were professional, kind, and well versed. Highly recommended!”

    Phil Woods
    World renowned saxophone player and educator 


    “The Rimon School offers its students a unique experience in music. The facility and environment are conducive to exploration and learning thanks to a top notch faculty, as well as a stellar program.”

    Eddie Gomez
    World famous jazz bass player 


    “Rimon has become an icon in Israel’s culture. It is a place where young musicians can turn their artistic musical dreams into a reality. The school contributes significantly to enhancing and promoting Israeli culture locally and globally.”

    David Broza
    International recording artist and performer


    “I spent a year in Rimon and it was one of the most significant in my life. I immediately fell in love with the relaxed, embracing atmosphere, encouraging creativity and freedom of expression, supplying endless opportunities to act, interact, and grow, while at the same time honing the skills needed to fulfill the dreams of every student on campus. It was as if the school was breathing, opening, and closing like a hand or a wing. In this artistically driven cradle, I met Gil Dor, one of the co-founders of the school, its academic director at the time, and my teacher. Gil and I have now been working together for a staggering 24 years, creating music we love and touring internationally. We recently gave a masterclass in one of Rimon’s shiny new classrooms, a long way from the run down old buildings of the school’s early years, and were moved deeply to see our beloved “alma mater” flying elegantly into the future without losing any of its character and warmth. I wish Rimon many more years of passionate education and encourage all who are curious about the mystery and beauty of music to join our family

    Achinoam Nini NOA
    World famous recording artist and performer


    “Working with these young Israeli musicians was a pleasure. They can compose and they can play! They all know how to work together, prepare for a show, and be utterly professional when it comes to the responsibilities of a performing musician: attentive, supportive, grounded, connected and swinging. I was proud being on that stage with all these beautiful talented musical cats. Right on!”

    Anat Cohen
    World famous clarinet recording artist


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