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    mosheRimon is a magical place. Every year hundreds of students choose to spend their time studying and by doing so the music they make can change our lives for the better.

    In my eyes,It is my belief that a student’s choice to study music reflects their love and understanding of music’s power. It is our responsibility to provide the tools and opportunities to fulfill our student’s your dream of making music.

    Therefore, commitment is a key value in building personal and professional musical abilities. Creating for our students the environment which allowes for discovery and transformation for the student in effort to continuously develop musically, create, and therefore become part of the music milieu’ nationally and globally.

    Success does not arrive effortlessly. I witness the hard work, day in, day out. The dedication and will of our students to succeed is prevalent. The ambitious goal creates exciting collaborations between students, developing their individual personalities, imagination, creativity, and eventually – success.

    I believe that every student’s personal and unique talent is significant to others and can create a better world. In this context, contribution to society and the community, through music, is a way of life at Rimon, and along with it, it brings good energies to all its participants.

    I wish all students a creative and fullfiling journey at Rimon.

    Moshe Sinai

    General Director

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