Yasmin Gamliel

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    The daughter of two musicians – Eliyahu, a musician and composer (“Eretz Zavat Halav”) and Marcia, a Juliard graduate pianist.

    Yasmin is a graduate of the Rimon School of Music and today does voice coaching as member of the staff. In addition, Yasmin has recently become the head of the voice department of the school.

    Yasmin has also studied with some of Israel’s top voice teachers; Mira Zackai, Rachel Hochman and Ester Admon.

    Yasmin was the soloist in the IDF entertainment troupe of the northern command, starring in some of their greatest hits. She is known in Israel as one of the Mango trio. Over the years she took part in a number of productions, and for many years was an actor and director in overdubbing for animation both for television and cinema.

    Among her many activities she also appears with the Abba cover band Waterloo, and is a member of the well known Israeli accapella group The Vocal Octet.



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